Season 2007-08 Result
Wigan Athletic 1-0 Newcastle United
 Taylor 65.
Date: 26/12/2007  Venue: JJB Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 20,304
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Ride A White Swan.
So we lost 1-0 to Wigan on Boxing Day. Sound familiar? Should have expected it really! On all of our 4 visits to The JJB Stadium we’ve lost 1-0, and we haven’t won an away fixture on Boxing Day since 1988!!

Perhaps our dismal Boxing Day form and the pathetic recent performances were contributing factors to the poor turn out from Carrville. Our last 5 Boxing Day fixtures have been away - we have lost at Bolton, drawn at Leicester and Blackburn, and lost at Liverpool and Bolton again. Still we could always fill a 50 seater for a festive outing – not this year! We’re shit, and we’re sick of it??

The Boxing Day bus problem reared it’s ugly head again! There’s a lot been said about the Sherburn Coaches situation, but one thing’s for sure: they could always provide us with whatever sized bus we needed. Without the option of their service anymore, I can only apologise to the Newton Hall contingent and the Rainton lads for not being able to accommodate them on this occasion! There was no chance of filling a 50 seater when Mick became the saviour by coming up with a mini bus.

So it was back to ‘the old days’ - 16 of us on a cramped mini-bus. A huge thank you must go to Rachel, Jeff’s new girlfriend, and Lindsey for sorting a pub out for us. The Hesketh at Standish has been a good servant over the years but the general feeling was that we were ready for a change and the Wigan lasses came up trumps! Initially it didn’t seem like it was going to be plain sailing – we met outside The Sporties and I enquired about the arrangements. Jeff replied,

‘Not sure what the pub’s called and I don’t know where it is!!!!’

In fact it was The White Swan in Ince and it provided a ‘Mega Breakfast’ for a fiver. Studs was so impressed that he bought the Wigan lasses a drink each!! Yip, that’s right Studs bought the drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how good the pub was!
The White Swan Mega Breakfast

We arrived at 12 noon – just on opening time. Within 10 mins the pub was full of Geordies. By 1.30pm we’d had a rendition of Endean’s Speedy Gonzales sandwiched between Passy’s Young Girl and Eric’s Telephone Baby.

The game is hardly worth commenting on. How many times have you heard ‘That’s the worst performance I’ve ever seen’ this season? Well, I’m certain today’s performance IS the worst I’ve ever seen – I can’t remember a shot on target. Although someone said that Viduka had a half hearted overhead kick attempt. Somehow some of the recent away performances seem worse that the dark days of Ardiles and Jim Smith, at least then we seemed to have some spirit.

The atmosphere at our end towards the final whistle was fractious to say the least. There’d been various derogatorily chants towards the team and management. The most audible being ‘We’re shit, and we’re sick of it!’ Indeed as we left the terracing 2 groups of Toon fans began fighting amongst themselves between the seats. The stewards couldn’t believe it and eventually restored order!

It seems light years since we began the season so well barely 5 miles away at Bolton.

Another great day out – completely ruined by the football!