Season 2007-08 Result
Manchester United 6-0 Newcastle United
 C.Ronaldo 49,
 Tevez 55,
 C.Ronaldo 70,
 R.Ferdinand 85,
 C.Ronaldo 88,
 Tevez 90.
Date: 12/01/2008  Venue: Old Trafford  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 75,965
Match Report Submitted on 19/01/2008 by Wilf
I was lucky enough to be offered corporate hospitality for this one and had a cracking day. As usual the fun stopped when the football started.

Another 5.15pm kick off meant that we didnít have to set off until after 11. A hassle free journey down got us into Manchester in time for a meal and drinks in the city centre before heading to the ďTheatre of DreamsĒ. While we feared a thrashing we also were hopeful that we might get a result as teams who sack their managers always seem to in their next game.

Our seats were in the newer corner of the ground between the Stretford End and the North Stand and the view was very good, which it should be at £1800 a season. Somehow due to luck and bad finishing we came through the first half unscathed. We also played some decent football ourselves. It seemed the players we enjoying being freed from the shackles placed upon them by Big Sam. We could have gone in a goal up had Owenís effort not been incorrectly ruled offside, but thatís what happens at Old Trafford isnít it.

At half time we speculated on our chances of hanging on for a point or even escaping with a 1-0.Glenn our friendly manc host predicted a 2-0 win for them. By the time we took our seats for the second half they were 2 up. I was surprised to spot a mackem from Sherburn Village in the Man United end at half time, although I did try and avoid him at full time he wasnít as cruel as you might have expected.

We were a disgrace in the second half. Most of the players gave up and showed a lack of backbone. Smith wants his arse kicking for getting himself sent off and suspended at 6-0 down. He left the field to a standing ovation from the Man u fans, if they like him so much they can have him back as far as Iím concerned. Iíve never liked him. It was painful to sit in the wrong end and watch us self destruct. I was also unimpressed with Fergusonís programme notes which he basically used to slag us off, whatever state we are in it is none of that tossers business.

Arrived home just in time for match of the day, but didnít bother with it.