Season 2007-08 Result
Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle United
 Adebayor 51,
 Adebayor 83,
 Butt 89 (og).
Date: 26/01/2008  Venue: Emirates Stadium  Competition: FA Cup
Crowd: 60,046
Match Report Submitted on 03/03/2008 by ?
The re-arrival of KK meant I suddenly had the desire to go to London village for a match that really I knew we had no chance of getting a result in. BUT KEVS BACK!

I travelled down with a couple of work mates and their two young lads in the car.

Rob can remember watching the Toon when Gordon Lee was the gaffer, Del is an exiled gooner who thinks we are called NooCarsell.

We arrived early enough to have a walk around the ground, it does look very impressive, however the exposed concrete is already beginning to look scruffy.

Del wanted to look in the “armoury”, but James (Robs son) protested “ I don’t want to go in the stinky arsenal shop” A short walk to the usual away pub (the drayton manor?) which is closer to the Emirates than it was to Highbury was interrupted by a bloke trying to sell us a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pub was as usual packed to the rafters and it was easier to get served in the off licence and drink our cans outside. We were in the ground quite early, but at £4+ for a pie, they could poke their food. The seating is excellent with luxurious padded seats, we didn’t sit down for the whole game!

We started brightly and held our own for the first half, but they stepped up a gear and we were well beaten in the end. 3-0 flattered them though and there were a lot of positives to take out of the game.

The Arsenal fans above us thought it was a good game to dangle their scarves down at the Toon army. Their grins were wiped out when an epic leap from the crowd caught hold of a scarf and the stupid cockney had to let it go before he joined it in the away enclosure.

My highlight of the day was young Jack, Dels 8 year old stepson asking him what the hand gesture meant that accompanies the Roy Keane and his dog song. “Ask your Mam” was the reply.

Del boy is obviously as bright as his namesake as he happily posed in front of the entrance.