Season 2007-08 Result
Newcastle United 3-0 Reading
 O.Martins 18,
 M.Owen 43,
 M.Viduka 58.
Date: 05/04/2008  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,179
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In The Wrong Box.
Ok. So Reading is pronounced ‘Reding’, yet reading (as in reading, writing & arithmetic) is pronounced reeding, however there is no such word. Unless of course, if you were to pull up loads of reeds (that’s marsh or water plants) as in weeding (pulling up weeds from the garden) then I suppose you could be reeding. So, if that’s the case, could someone who reeds (not reads as in reading, writing & arithmetic, but reeds as in similar to weeds – the garden) be called a reeder? Not to be confused with reader (as in reading, writing & arithmetic) or a weeder, who is someone who weeds the garden. Of course a person who is not very big or strong is often referred to as weedy, but this could also be a nickname for someone who weeds. However if your surname is Read (as in Sir Herbert Read) or Reed (as in Lou Reed, Take A Walk On The Wild Side) or even Reid (as in Peter Reid – Monkey’s heed or that fat twad that plays for the mackems) then you could also claim to have the nickname Reedy, Ready or Reidy respectively. So if you were called Ready, would that mean you’d be ready for anything?........Oh, I divvent nar!!

We’ve turned a corner, and what really pleases me is the fact that the doom mongers are clambering back into the closet again. Let’s be honest, we were never going to be relegated. Not with some of the $hite that’s below us in the league (Reading included), yet it still astounds me that some ‘so called’ Toon fans can be suckered in by the southern press who’d have you believe that there’s never any good news regarding Newcastle United. Don’t get me wrong; it hasn’t been a great season, but I’d far rather focus on plus points rather than negatives. Today we scored three goals without conceding, yet I know for a certain fact that there’ll still be ‘so called’ Toon fans having a twist.

If Keegan needs any justification for his recent team selection then he certainly has it today: each of the three strikers scored a goal. I’m loving it at the moment, the atmosphere, the football, the crack. Beye has been player of the season for me. I know Martins has his critics but he’d always be in my team, and Owen’s had some stick but his workrate is second to none and he’s now scored 4 in 4. Duff looked lively when he came on. Faye has been solid and I believe Barton will come good, he’s getting better game by game, I was willing him to score today – he’s getting closer!!

Todays Wilf award must go to Trapper…

The half time conversation………..

Trapper – ‘I think Viduka will score the next goal’. Me - ‘Have a bet’. Trapper – ‘Aye. I think I will…a fiver, halfies?’ Me – ‘Aye, OK’.

Sure enough, 15 mins into the second half Viduka sticks the ball in the net. Cue the double celebration.

Trapper – ‘Hang on, I’ve marked the wrong box’!!!!!!!!!!!

He’d backed Martini again by mistake!!! I think he’d been on the Vodka!!