Season 2008-09 Result
Newcastle United 2-2 Manchester City
 S.Ameobi 44,
 Dunne 63 (og).
 Robinho 14 (pen),
 Ireland 86.
Date: 20/10/2008  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 45,908
Match Report Submitted on 23/10/2008 by Trapper
THE REFEREES A W**KER (yes Rob Styles I mean you)

When the chips are down lady luck inevitably deserts you, the offsides are not spotted, the ball has gone out of play before it is crossed for the injury time winner, etc, etc You have to accept these things.

BUT how many more mistakes does this tw*t have to make before the FA realise what every football supporter in the country has known for years. The man is INCOMPETENT.

The tackle by Habib Beye was not a foul, he took the ball and then the highest paid player in the world took a well rehearsed dive. I cannot accept the excuse that it was a hard decision to make for the referee because of the position he was in. If there is a doubt then the whistle should not be blown, a consultation with his linesman could have averted a game spoiling dismissal. However Styles appeared to have told his two assistants not to bother flagging for anything as he was in charge.

The crowd got behind the team and after a goalie confusing deflection off Sholas shin we went in level at half time. A fantastic shot by Richard Dunne (front runner for OG of the season!) put the Toon in front. A magnificent one handed save from Shay Given gave us hope we could hang on for the win, but Stephen Ireland finished a neat move for Man City to level it 2-2. He could have won it, but his cross shot flashed past the post, that would have been very harsh on the ten man Toon who showed the commitment and desire that will be required to haul us out of the sorry mess that Mike Ashleys continental management team have put us in. If tonight was anything to go by, the Arabs will have to spend an awful lot of money in order to make Shitty a top half side never mind breaking into the top four.

The trip through to Newcastle had started brightly enough with Wilf missing the bus and Kieron not bothering to tell anyone, we had to stop down the high street to wait for him.

The traffic was horrendous for some unknown reason and it took an hour and twenty minutes to get through to the ground. It took almost as long to get home, I'm sorry, but the Pitt Street pick up is not working. The slip road at the end of Team Valley being closed didn't help either, but a trip around the back roads of County Durham at 11pm wasn't very high on my list of things to do before I'm fifty.

PLEASE can we return to the Centre for Life pick up, so there is a chance of a pint when we get back.

TOO MUCH ON PART 2 Stag hunting in Scotland, Christmas shopping in London and "I can't I've got too much homework" (adding up with a poorly finger must be hard!).