Season 2009-10 Result
Nottingham Forest 1-0 Newcastle United
 Blackstock 45.
Date: 17/10/2009  Venue: City Ground  Competition: Championship
Crowd: 29,155
Match Report Submitted on 23/10/2009 by Beat
After the game Sean said he has to go - Hughton that is - for picking the wrong team and then not sorting things out.

Mike Ashley seems to have taken a different view and may have decided that he's seen evidence enough to give him the job 'permanently' - whatever that means.

Looks to me as if Hughton's a bought man. So, ideal then for a permanent appointment?

If the loan singing of 'Nacho' Gonzalez was against manager Keegan's wishes why did our prospective manager play him last season?

I can understand why Hughton wants to keep his head down and take his salary - no doubt Keegan got him a good contract when he joined - and it makes no sense at all for him to play the integrity card and pack it in. But playing Gonzalez for 38 minutes in two different games suggests that he wasn't picking the team.
Keegan wrapped-in because he didn't want the Uruguayan as he was (is) $hite and so Hughton shouldn't have let him anywhere near the team. Or Perhaps Dennis Wise picked the team when Hughton was 'in charge' first time around...sorry, just stating the obvious.

Anyway enough of this bolloxs. Here are some recent-ish pictures of better prospective management duos.

I'd prefer JT and his chicken nugget to him with Quiet Lad though ...

(Don't know why Shaker's head is twice the size of Colin's.)