Season 2009-10 Result
Newcastle United 2-1 Doncaster Rovers
 Carroll 67,
 K.Nolan 92.
 Shiels 18.
Date: 24/10/2009  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Championship
Crowd: 43,949
Match Report Submitted on 27/10/2009 by Beat
George in Wonderland...
Lewis Carroll, according to Colin, was the ex-toon player on the bench for Donny. And he wanted to smack somebody all day long.

It's a strange atmosphere at the moment and that more than anything, narked him. He'd thought it would be like the old days this season with daft lads getting on the opposition's case. Most of the fans know we are $hite, but still want us to win in style. Shouting and bawling at Marlon was harsh and achieves fcuk all. We've suffered a lot worse. The first half was rank awful and we played as if there was no need to move, press or pass. There's an underlying arrogance in some of the players that suggests they think they can beat teams without the ball. Mad.

Thankfully when we started to play to the few strengths we have, we made (and missed) a chance or two.
And thanks to Smike some of us had less beer than normal to dull the pain. His flawed travel news sent us on an hour-long mystery trip that avoided as much dual-carriageway as possible. For some reason he thought the motorway was tailed-back to Belmont and rang to leave a message before we set off. It might have been busy south-bound but a diversionary trip via Rainton, Leamside, Bournmoor and Chester-le-Street gave us plenty of time to watch the north-bound traffic flying along the A1M as we manoeuvred over speed humps on the parallel B roads. Having driven through early Smike was on his second pint as we were stuck in Birtley.

George was on the late-arriving bus with the rest of the lads. With no time for a pint in the Irish, he opted for a quick lag in the Strawberry and then early entry to the ground (ten to three). With plenty of time on his hands he strolled up to the queue-free turnstile, only to find that his season ticket card wouldn't work.

After a brief exchange of opinions it turns out that it was all his June's fault. She has gone away for a few days leaving him in charge of the house, but before doing so she'd ventured into George's room to tidy-up and 'moved' his season ticket. As a result he'd inadvertently tried to get in with his 2007/08 card.

Needless to say re-tracing his steps to the ticket office and a long queue meant he missed out on his usual pre-match burger and didn't get in to the ground in time to see their goal. Later, hunger induced discomfort saw him sneak out for food before the final whistle - missing Nolan's winner