Season 2010-11 Result
Chelsea 3-4 Newcastle United
 Van Aanholt 6,
 Anelka 70,
 Anelka 87 (pen).
 Ranger 27,
 R.Taylor 32,
 S.Ameobi 49,
 S.Ameobi 90.
Date: 22/09/2010  Venue: Stamford Bridge  Competition: Carling Cup
Crowd: 41,511
Match Report Submitted on 23/09/2010 by Carzo
That's why we're Champions!
....Came the cry from the Chelsea fans after equalising with 3 minutes to go...

then it all went t*ts up for them.

Day started at 6pm in the Woodman Battersea, Tractor Boy (Chelsea fan with ticket) was late and I had to suffer levels of abuse from the local Chelsea "Head Hunters".. culminating in a £1 bet that we'd win on penalties.

The ground is a twenty minute walk from my flat so we headed to the "Chelsea Ram" for a few swifties before the match with "Hoover" Dan who got us the tickets in with the home fans in the shed. £20, not bad.
"Tractor Boy" and "Hoover" Dan The Chelsea Ram
Got to the ground and were led to the wrong stand by a local steward so got into the ground just as a small cheer went up, thought we might of scored as it was that quiet, but no Chelsea 1 up from Van Aanholt. I feared the worst and prepared for humiliation.

After 15 mins Chelsea started looking a bit sh*t (took their foot off the gas according to Dan, but they were just a bit crap), The toon pressured and it paid off with a good strike from Nile Ranger on 27 mins, followed by a great free kick from Ryan Taylor, though the Chelsea wall and keeper were a bit poor.

Half time and Tractor Boy got the beers and panini's in (no meat pies for this lot), I went for a piss and nearly laughed when I heard a Chelsea fan saying "I fort they'd score but faaaking hell!". Just going back to our seats when the toon went 3-1 up through a good strike from Ameobi and it looked on for a Chelsea humiliation.
A couple of other Newcastle chances went begging then Chelsea took advantage and pegged it back to 2-3 with a well taken goal from Anelka, though the toon still looked pretty solid.

What followed were several desperate and disgraceful attempts by Chelsea to get a penalty which finally succeeded with a ridiculous decision for a so called foul on Alex. Up stepped Anelka and was lucky not to make an a*rse of himself as a soft tap just went in the corner.

"We've only got ten men!" sang the Chelsea fans, me an Tractor Boy never even knew they had used up all their subs. "That's why we're Champions!" came next and I was getting a bit pi*sed off as I didn't think they deserved to be back in the game.

Then, with 90 mins on the clock I think Newcastle should have had a penalty for a hand ball, but it went out for a corner. Up popped Shola with a classy header followed by the toon fans singing "That's why were Champions!". Apologies to Tractor Boy for shouting "We f*ckin deserved that!" in his ear.

A day tripper Chelsea fan next to me said "That's why we're Champions?, they ain't faakin wan anyfin.."... obviously pays no attention to any of the lower leagues and never used to go in the 80's when they were in the Second Division.

Bring on Stoke..... we need some decent opposition.