Season 2012-13 Result
Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle United
 Hazard 22 (pen),
 Torress 45.
Date: 25/08/2012  Venue: Stamford Bridge  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 41,718
Match Report Submitted on 03/09/2012 by Wilf
Chelsea away – Live from Hallgarth Manor

I chose Hallgarth Manor to take this game in with Kieron and Dicky.

I don’t think that this is a fixture that any of us look forward to and despite the fact that we were unbeaten in our last 3 games at “the bridge”, I wasn’t expecting too much.

The 2-0 defeat was entirely predictable but the performance was disappointingly lacklustre and lacked the fight we showed last season. We had plenty of the ball before Chelsea’s first but never threatened and struggled to get Cisse and Ben Arfa involved.

They got the first goal frustratingly cheaply as Anita fouled Torres when it looked like he probably would have overran the ball anyway. It has to be said he did go down very easily. The in form Hazard dispatched the penalty with one of those short run ups favoured by “flair” players these days.

Ive got to be honest and admit that we all got bored at this point as it seemed that it was game over for us. The rain was pouring outside and seemingly causing problems with the Manors satellite system. The picture became more and more pixelated and gave up the ghost on about 35 mins (see illustration)
Luckily the staff were on hand immediately to get us a picture back. We were able to watch a little bit of Come Dine with Me and an episode of You’ve Been Framed. However the fun was soon over as the rain eased off. We had a picture back by about 12 mins in to the second half. We then realised that Torres had scored a pretty tidy effort while we had been blissfully ignorant to goings on.

Unfortunately the picture stayed on for the rest of the game.

Again the second half saw us have the ball for spells but continually do nowt with it. We managed to waste a couple of half chances but truthfully we weren’t at the races.

Our interest had definitely become depleted by this point and we had resorted to observing two couples who seemed to be indulging in a spot of swinging and making childish jokes about Wayne Rooney’s “nasty gash”

Overall a poor team performance and a tough debut for Anita, but I think we would have all taken 3 points from the first two games when the fixtures came out.