Season 2012-13 Result
Newcastle United 1-1 Maritimo
 Marveaux 23.  Fidelis 79.
Date: 22/11/2012  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Europa League
Crowd: 21,632
Match Report Submitted on 23/11/2012 by Beat
“Miss Marple, a Cillit Bang and a Domestos chaser”

That was, in the words of BT’s best, preferred to the Cue Ball Club and MLC last Saturday night. But tonight even he might have swapped some punk and pi$$ flooded netties to watching this performance. I can’t fathom what this season is about. Injuries and failure to invest mean we seem to be going backwards at a pace. My expectations were simple. Since we couldn’t improve on last season without massive investment, a bit of welcome inspiration from chatty man’s dad and some continued quality finishing might see us take cups seriously and challenge latter stages of the Europa League – and give some quality Champions League drop-outs a decent run-out. As things stand, with the current mix of injuries and shadow quad we have no chance and should settle for what we hoped for last season – mid-table security with no last week of season anxiety.

Tonight’s performance was grim. First 10 mins showed some attacking intent but, bar Santon and Coloccini, no one else offered any indication that they would make a difference against decent opposition. This standout text from Sherburn sums it all up.

“Do me a favour in the 2nd half. Go down to the touchline and tell Sammy if he can’t get in this game then just fcuk off anywhere ‘cos I’m frustrated now. Not putting up with years of that $hite, arrogant fcukin attitude. Hope Pardew is telling him... the skinny pr*ck"
New blood at the back of the bus! New blood at St James' Park - Isaac and Connor.
The Corner! Scoreboard corner were exceptional with their support tonight. Connor and Isaac - Platinum Club Ultras.
Why! Carrville Ultras - Maritimo travellers!