Season 2012-13 Result
Norwich City 0-0 Newcastle United
Date: 12/01/2013  Venue: Carrow Road  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 26,752
Match Report Submitted on 27/01/2013 by Beat
A Chorus of Disapproval

The few of us who watched the Norwich game will understand why there’s nowt to say about the game apart from a distinct lack of any leadership or attitude on the pitch or in the dugout. Worried? I am but I’m still planning Amsterdam in May....

So having watched the game down the club (where the internet streaming has really improved) and writing this on the day Michael Winner died, reminded me of Endean’s story when he was manager of Belmont Club FC and they had their end of season trip to Scarborough c1987.

Regular watcher Sammy (Clobber Jones Jnr) was on the trip and somewhere between pubs (pre-all day drinking) he managed to walk onto a film set with Winner directing a scene from Alan Ayckbourn’s play. With the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons and Patsy Kensit starring in the filmed adaptation Winner was most un-happy to have the scene interrupted. With a megaphone he shouted “Get that man off the set!”.

Sammy, surprised by the attack and more used to abusing opposition from the touch line instantly replied with an equally loud “Fcuk off you woppy twad”. Good judge of character eh?