Season 2012-13 Result
Manchester City 4-0 Newcastle United
 Tevez 41,
 Silva 45,
 Kompany 56,
 Perch 69 (og).
Date: 30/03/2013  Venue: City of Manchester Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 47,201
Match Report Submitted on 03/04/2013 by Smike
‘Punch The Little Freak!’ – The Party’s Over.

Can’t believe it’s nearly 10 years since Man City moved to what was originally The City of Manchester Stadium before becoming The Etihad Stadium. This was my first visit to the ‘new’ ground. I have some happy memories of Main Road; the old Kippax , Passy’s rendition of Young Girl in The Parkside (his best ever performance in my opinion), the chippy opposite The Parkside, John Watson’s Police gloves incident (those of you who were there will know exactly what I mean) and the alleyway that ran diagonally behind The Kippax. Happy days, it was a proper football ground!! On one visit to Moss Side we were housed in the South East corner of Main Road. We got the ‘Carrville’ Union Jack positioned perfectly behind the corner flag and we were happy in the knowledge that it was a cert to be on Match of The Day. It wasn’t until after the final whistle while retrieving it that we found that the wind had blown it down!! It did regularly appear that evening on Match of The a crumpled heap on the cinder track!!

This trip was Adele and Lydia’s Easter treat as reward for good recent performance at School and Uni.........whatever happened to the days when they were happy with a tenner each for good exam results!! It would take outstanding performances all over the park if we were to get anything form this game.

We left Carrville in the knowledge that Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure and Vincent Kompany were set to make a return for City and, despite currently being 15 points off the running for top spot they have only lost once at the Etihad this Manure, only conceding 11 goals in 14 games!! We knew we would have to be at our best!!
Perfect timing saw us arrive at The Hopwood pub in Middleton just as the teams were coming out for the dirty makems v Manure. A pub lunch accompanied by a Titus Shambles own goal..ideal!! We left at half time amused at how bad the peg sellers had played and on looking at their remaining fixtures decided they are definite relegation fodder.
We got parked quite easily in a typical ‘£5 Match Day Parking’ piece of wasteland 5 minutes walk from the Stadium. The Etihad is certainly not Main Road but is still quite impressive from the outside with some ‘San Siro like’ circular towers. I met some Man City fans on holiday in the summer. They were still buoyant after their title win, insisting that they wouldn’t have won the league had they not moved to The Etihad. That doesn’t wash with me. Main Road was on a 65 acre site that could easily have been developed. Yes, they got The Etihad quite cheap, it is still gleaming, is quite imposing and is very comfortable, but it’s characterless in comparison to the tradition of Main Road, and Moss Side as a whole.
It was a full house yet the atmosphere was indifferent. It really makes me laugh, something I discussed with Mancs I met on holiday, that the Man City fans have the audacity to sing ‘Where were you when you were shit?’ to us when they had attendances as low as 12,000 in the late eighties!! For some reason they think they’re the best fans in Britain. Deluded? Deranged? Still high on Madchester Smack? Take your pick. Anyway we taunted the home fans with ‘You’re just a sh!t Man United’, ‘You’re not Champions anymore!’, ‘We’re still in Europe, you’re not!’. Because the 2 sets of fans are housed directly next to one another it encourages some entertaining banter.

Looked to us from the stands like Pardew had one eye on Thursday’s game in Lisbon as some first choice players were left out. Obertam started and he did absolutely nothing in the first half, in fact Coloccini made more of a contribution and he was at home!!

Let’s not beat about the bush, it was men against boys, we were totally outclassed. They scored 4, but it could’ve been 6 or more. Elliott made some outstanding saves and Barry blasted one over the bar when it looked easier to score. It was approaching 40 mins and we were hopeful of making half time with a clean sheet when Tevez slid in when it looked like Gutierrez should’ve cleared. Amusingly someone behind shouted “Gutierrez, punch the little freak!!” Then Obertam was as weak as water as Silva breezed into the box to double their lead and that was essentially game over!

Unusually there was a fella sat next to us who had a tiny baby in his arms. Turns out he spoke very little English and the conversation went something like this......

“Alright mate?”

“I not speaking English”.

“But you’re a Toon fan?”

Quizzical look.

“Do you support Newcastle?”

“I come from France, Sissoko Moussa is my friend”.


“Moussa’s baby”. (Pointing at the baby).

All other questions were met with a shrug of the shoulders or more quizzical looks. The bairn was as good as gold and slept the whole of the second half!!

Perch replaced Obertam at the interval and we were the best team for the first 3 minutes of the second half. Cabaye had a good chance that shaved the foot of the post, not sure that it would’ve made much difference to the end outcome but it would’ve been nice to have had something to celebrate. I was always under the impression that they could’ve stepped up a gear if required. Kompany then luckily deflected a Barry shot into the net on 56mins to make it 3-0 which prompted the home fans to taunt – “You’ve had your day out, now fcuk off home!” ............I felt like it! The misery was compounded as Perch unfortunately deflected into his own net in the 69th minute. 4-0, and they deserved it.

A quick dash to the car saw us leave the car park at 5pm. 606 lightened the mood a little with a couple of whinging makems bemoaning how they’d rolled over against Manure without any desire or fight! One great thing about The Etihad is how easy it is to get to and from, much easier then Main Road, we were at Oldham before we knew it. Indeed, we were home by 7pm.

I spent the evening at a do at Durham City Golf Club. The night was interrupted with the news that the party with Marty was over. I suggested Kevin Keegan or Lee Clark as a replacement to a makem on our table..he wasn’t very complimentary with his reply!

Hopefully today was just a minor setback and we can score a goal in Lisbon, beat Fulham and then trounce the makems!

Lisbon here we come!!