Season 2012-13 Result
Newcastle United 0-3 Sunderland
 Sessegnon 27,
 Johnson 74,
 Vaughan 82.
Date: 13/04/2013  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,355
Match Report Submitted on 22/04/2013 by Trapper
Now we know what it feels like.

Although to be truthful the horrible feeling of losing a Tyne-Wear derby is something we’ve felt before and it is horrible. Thankfully we havn’t experienced it very often in recent history. It’s the reason I don’t really like derby days, Sundays and 12 o clock kick offs are another.

I must admit that I did worry a little about new manager syndrome when the “Mackem Mussolini” was appointed, but I hoped this would have run its course after a decent first half performance against Chelsea. How wrong I was!

Credit to the t£%&s from the bit at the end that spoils the River Wear they were up for it from the off and we were deservedly beaten. If you want to read a proper report on the match read a newspaper, but for my ten pen’orth worth it could have been so different if Cisse’s goal hadn’t been disallowed. The second goal killed us and “ugly kid” Vaughan couldn’t hit the ball like he did for the third if he tried another thousand times. They beat us fair and square and we’ve got to take it on the chin. A fair few of the lads went straight back to the Sporties to take their “medicine”, however for a pub that has been described as 50-50 Newcastle- 5under1and (or as Metal Micky likes to describe it, 60-30 Sunderland) it was only the Carrville Mags who turned up. Just was so disappointed by this, he had a few more pints then went over to Sherburn to face the music.

The day had started quite well with the Sporties opening up early although I should have known it was going to go downhill when Eric told his bbq joke. (ask him I’m not repeating it). There was also a serious outbreak of arm injuries with most of the bus wearing plasters, for those worried about my arm all I can say is it hasn’t got any worse.

Gravy asked Jack if he’d gone to Benfica with Thomas Cook, the reply of “No, I went with Smike and Trapper” went down really well.

The traffic was very heavy on the way through and it meant that we didn’t have time to go for a pint in the Strawberry.

After the game it was straight back to the bus, I had to go to work so I wasn’t bothered that the Barking Dog was shut, it also meant that we missed the small minority of idiots who were determined to blacken the name of football supporters in general and Newcastle United in particular. What a contrast to Lisbon where despite plenty of drink and another error strewn defensive display the behaviour was impeccable
100% Black and White
As if the day hadn’t been bad enough for Colin, he found out that Just hadn’t just not invited him to the bairns christening, he’d also not asked him to go out on Friday for his birthday. I know how you feel Colin, but I couldn’t have gone anyway, not with my bad arm.